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Simple Watts
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by Hayden on Simple Watts
'Simple Watts' review

'Simple Watts' helped me to easily understand the crucial metrics required when training with a power meter. There are so many useful and unique 'pearls of wisdom' through-out the book such as: how to set-up your Garmin pages, as well as work-out descriptions, and how to structure your training - all of which have really helped me to better the quality of my training. It doesn't stop there - the book has awesome bits of information about what the pros can do too. Lastly, the book is written in an easy-to-read and enjoyable style - you can easily read and understand it in just a couple of hours.

by Michael Roland Mousouris on Simple Watts
Big value for its cost

This book makes the complicated simple and makes you understand the basics of using a power meter and takes off all the other info that you don't really need. It can help you whether you are an amateur up to the pro level.

by Andrew on Simple Watts
An Absolute Must Have For Any Cyclist

Okay, guys, let me start from the beginning - I got Paul's coaching services for about 2 months last year, before I got injured due to my own stupidity and wasn't able to train, but - in just 2 months I noticed a huge gain in my fitness after following a structured training program. Paul is so knowledgeable, it's not like your average coach that will tell you to do 5h intervals a week until you burn out and charge 200 pounds a month. He really makes great, smart training programs you can actually follow and I can't wait to get back on his coaching when I heal my lower back completely.

Now to the book - as I am injured, I have a lot of time to work towards my goals and when I spotted this book on his website, it was a no-brainer for me to get it straight up. I read it in like an hour, seriously, it's very-very easy to read and more importantly - understand. No bullshit metrics you won't ever use. Only practical advice. Also, I particularly loved the pictures of Paul's Garmin screen, I could finally adjust mine accordingly. After a decade of training and racing, Paul is an ultimate machine that can make you leaner, faster and fitter. I'm, seriously, looking forward to training with Paul again. Thanks a lot for your work, buddy!

by Zaid on Simple Watts
Insightful reading

I would recommend this book to anyone who has a power meter and is not sure how to use it to its potential.

by Lea Willson on Simple Watts
Great value for money

After reading this e-book, I finally know how to make the best use of my power meter. Paul's experience and knowledge is gold for those who want to make progress on their bikes!

by Aidan gardner on Simple Watts
Great book

Anyone who has a powermeter should definitely buy this book, it is very cheap and in just a relatively short amount of reading you really learn a lot m. What you learn isn’t just pointless theory that you can’t apply to your training, it is info you can actually take something away from and apply to your training and analysis to train more efficiently and learn how to evaluate your training effectively.