6 reasons to get a vasectomy

This post is for the guys but I can also say that it’s for the girls out there. The reason it’s for the girls too is because they’re going to love it when their man gets the snip. Women should be encouraging their men to get vasectomies because it takes the pressure of contraception off of them. Women are the ones who are the most stressed out when the mating takes place.Continue Reading

What does vanzweelism stand for?

I could have easily used my own name for my personal brand online but I realized that I wanted to create something that was far greater than myself. I wanted to create a term that would represent multiple great lifestyle choices in one complete lifestyle. Vanzweelism is a way of life, just like many other isms. The only difference is that it covers a broad range of ideals.Continue Reading

The voice in your head that must be ignored

One of my subscribers on Youtube suggested to make a blog post about fighting the voice in your head. I understand where that person is coming from but I wanted to change the title to something a little more accurate. When you get that inevitable voice in your head that tells you to quit because you are going too hard you don’t need to fight it but simply ignore it. Don’t let the devil on your shoulder tempt you into cruising home to chill on the sofa.Continue Reading

The reality of being a pro cyclist

The featured image for this post shows a fucked up Matt Brammeier lying on the tarmac after a high speed crash into a team car in the 2015 Tour of Utah. From the Youtube video it looks like he crashed into the team car at at least 60 km/h. The poor devil had multiple rib fractures on both sides as well as on the pneumothorax. He also had sacral and pelvic bone fractures. It is rather miraculous that he survived that crash.Continue Reading

How to be ripped as a vegan athlete

If you are like me and you’ve been vegan for a long time (it has been nearly 8 years for me) and you still struggle to lose the excess weight then there is something you can do without having to do any extreme diets or track your calories. This approach goes back to age old wisdom that was practiced by the Japanese; the Okinawans to be more specific.Continue Reading