I’ve always been one to question the beliefs I was raised with and as a result I have been able to lead an extraordinary life laden with adventure and freedom. It is expected of us to live in alignment with the agenda of society and the mass corporate media. The mass corporate media indoctrinates society and society indoctrinates new members. I don’t believe that escaping society is the solution but rather forming and becoming part of a society of critical thinkers. We are tribe animals by nature anyway. It is however far better to be alone than to be part of a sick, indoctrinated society.Continue Reading

Vegan Straight Edge Saved My Life (Literally)

That’s actually a name of a song performed by the punk metal band XDestroy BabylonX; it’s a cool song, you should check it out. Most people know by now what it means to be vegan but the same is not true for straight edge. There are varying definitions and levels of what it means to be straight edge but I’m going to redefine it to make it sound fun. Straight edge means that you take your life back by fucking off the stupefying substances you have been programmed to consume.Continue Reading

How never to exercise again

What do you mean I never exercise again? Do you expect me to live my life all sedentary and shit farting it away on the couch? No, I want you to take the word exercise and remove it from your vocabulary. Now replace it with the word adventure and let’s define adventure. The words we use to describe what we are doing and the meanings we give those words have a powerful effect on our execution or lack of it.Continue Reading

Asean Bike Tour 2017 | Epic Adventure & A Lottery For Position

The Asean Bike Tour was a special event unlike anything I’ve ever done. I was notified a week before the time that this “race” was on and I had little desire to do it so I declined the invitation at first. After a few days of not actively thinking about it and people encouraging me to do it I thought fuck it, let’s do this!

I would be lying if I said the huge prize purse was not a motivational factor for me. With just over 3000$ for the win and 300$ less for every subsequent position till 10th place it presented a great opportunity to go from broke as a joke to making it rain.Continue Reading

Lean for life

So you want to be lean for life? Do you want to have the energy to turn exercise into play? Do you want to have motivation to get things done that are actually taking you closer to your goals? Do you want to feel fantastic without having to take any drugs like caffeine? The solution is really simple and you will save an incredible amount of money now that you won’t be visiting the doctor anymore.

So what is the answer to single digit body fat and optimal performance in life? People always ridicule me when I tell them how easy it is. “You’re just skinny because you train a lot.” “Protein though.” “That’s too much sugar.” “That’s too much food.” “Calcium, zinc, iron, B12, amino acids, enzymes, folic acid deficiency.” and every other deficiency you can think of… “Too much potassium though.” You get it, all manner of nonsense is spewed but I don’t take it to heart. I understand that people have been programmed by corporations and mass media to repeat what they think they know and I just have a laugh about it in my mind.Continue Reading