Do you want to take your cycling to the next level with minimal training? Do you want to be at your leanest and sustain race weight with a simple eating plan that keeps you healthy for life? I have a simple template that works and gets people these results whether they are novice or elite riders.

I coach both road and mountain bike riders. It is preferable to have a power meter as you will be able to get the most value out of the coaching and I will be able to give you much better feedback. I use Strava to analyse data and keep track of all your training.

Other coaches give athletes multiple coaching packages but my goal is to give people the best value for money so I have only one package that has everything you need to reach your training and racing goals. Just because a program is crazy expensive doesn’t mean it is better. I also believe in the philosophy that simpler is better so no complex sequences to memorize here.

The cost is 60$ per month up front. If you happen to start 1,2 or 3 weeks into the month then the cost will be adjusted accordingly (e.g. 2 weeks = 30$).  I’ll send you your training plan within a few hours after payment. To get started simply email me at and I will send you an information form to get all your details.

What do I get?

+ Hand crafted training plan in excel for every month or longer if requested

+ Training descriptions, workouts and motivational texts to help keep you on track

+ Training based on 7 energy systems/zones to help you get the most out of training

+ Weekly analysis and feedback

+ Unlimited text support

+ Video/audio call via Facebook if requested

+ Quick response to any questions or queries

+ Changes or adjustments to training program to suit your schedule

+ A copy of my e-book Train Less Eat More so you can optimize your lifestyle for great performance


Tori – AUStralia

I worked with Paul for 2 months because I wanted to win Masters Tour of Chiang Mai 2018. Paul’s training works if you put in the work and put in the work I did. When Masters Tour came around I won the first stage and took the overall win with more than a minute on 2nd place. Thanks a lot Paul, you really helped me to go next level and taught me a lot about racing strategy and tactics.

Bob – USA

Paul, I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing cycling coach and offering such an affordable coaching program. You might recall I began cycling just a year before deciding to commit to structured training to improve my performance on the bike. I knew from past athletic training that an experienced coach would continuously access my fitness to customize a training program that would deliver on my goals. It has been an amazing and successful journey working with you. I highly recommend your coaching program to anyone looking to significantly improve their performance on the bike or improve their health.

Michael – Greece

Paul’s training program is simple, easy to follow and you get the results you never thought you will get. All you need to do to get better is follow his advice and follow his program 100%. Paul guides you and answers your questions when you don’t understand something. Just do what he tells you and you will get insane fitness as fast as possible.

Luis – USA

Paul knows his stuff.  If you want to reach a new level, his expertise will get you there.  Thanks to his guidance, I was able to go from barely being able to walk after a crash, to winning a local classic against tough competition – all in less than three months.  I am confident in Paul’s ability to help me reach my competitive cycling goals, and I am excited to see what else we can win!  Thank you Paul!


Hi! I am Jay from the Netherlands, 27 years old and an active amateur cyclist. Last year I rode up the famous climb in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Doi Suthep with a PB of 34:30. My goals for this

year were plain simple: get faster.
I hit a plateau following my own training methods and knew I had to switch it up in order to go next level. To achieve this I needed help from somebody externally to progress and go beyond my own boundaries. Paul is one of the fittest and strongest cyclists I know and in order to find success I knew he was the right man for the job!

I had 3 months to get my FTP raised, get more balanced as a cyclist and combine this with a full time job. My dedication was high and I knew to get my desired results I needed to stick to the plan 100%:
1. In the first month we focused on building the foundation.
2. The second month was spiking the body to adapt.
3. During the third month we focussed on long and short intervals and progressing the training load and volume.

The program had varied exercises: VO2 Max, FTP, Sprints, Endurance rides… you name it! Each month he gave me a new program and I looked forward to doing the new work. It was challenging and that developed my mind and body to stay in discomfort. Each month and week the tasks got slightly harder. But, I saw I was making progress each week. So rewarding! Every week I got feedback from Paul and we talked about how I responded and what was hard to keep you motivated and on track. We also talked about other stuff 🙂

Paul focused on longevity, steady progress and achievability: healthy progression. No “get fit fast” mentality with the risk of burning out. I noticed I never felt burned out from training. Sometimes I felt weak after an interval session the next day, but thatʼs natural. In between hard sessions I could always recover well enough to hit my intervals on the right zones. I made the most progress doing the hard sessions regardless of anything. It was
amazing! Staying active enough in between the interval sessions kept my body adapting very efficiently. Paul made the program so efficient and optimal that I progressed faster then ever before.

After 1,5 months I was back at my old level! After 3 months of dedicated training I went for my best time on Doi Suthep. I achieved 31:40, a BIG improvement! In the end a 31:00 could have been possible but I had to return home. What I learned: the journey is more important than the result. Paul helped me enjoy that ride, I cannot explain how much impact his coaching has had and helped me become a faster and tougher cyclist!

This year I set up my season the right way: get on a program with somebody who knows business. Paul can help you get your game plan on regardless of what level you’re at. Donʼt invest in an expensive bike, invest in Paul. It will give you more gains then anything else! Thanks Paul, you’re the best!


Paul helped me to increase my FTP by 0.5 watts per kilogram. I was already at a high level of fitness but wanted to reach elite level fitness. His program is simple and he gives great value for money. I really appreciated the feedback that I got from him every week.

Mari – Spain 

In September of 2015 I started to take my cycling seriously. Paul told me that I would be able to ride a sub 40 minute time trial on the Doi Suthep hill climb Strava segment in Chiang Mai. I did not believe I could do it but trusted what he told me. I just trained consistently, doing efforts once or twice per week and smashed my time from 2015 which was 1 hour 27 minutes. In 9 months of consistent training I brought that time down to 39 minutes 55 seconds. I was so happy! Now I am finishing on the podium regularly in the local elite races in Malaga. Thank you Paul!

FREDDIE – South africa

From the very first moment I spoke with Paul it was evident that he has a tremendous amount of knowledge about all aspects of cycling, both on and off the bike.  I was struggling to complete MTB marathon races without cramping or suffering during the last 20km or so to go, almost to the point of tanking. I couldn’t sustain a constant power output and was battling to find the enjoyment factor of racing.

Paul quickly understood exactly what I needed to take me to the next level and provided me with a training program to gradually and effectively increase my strength and stamina. I am now able to participate comfortably in marathons and truly enjoy the rides as I am no longer concerned about my ability to perform all the way to the end.  Paul kept the monthly training programs interesting and I can’t wait every month to see what surprise he comes up with next. We would often communicate especially after races to provide feedback on what went well and what to improve on, including fuel management. With Paul’s experience he advised and guided me to manage my food and liquid intake during training and races and this has made a huge impact on my performance and enjoyment. Although not planned as a goal, I lost over 10 kg within 3 months and stabilized on a BMI of around 21.

If you aspire to take your riding to the next level, to increase your health and fitness levels or even to lose weight I can recommend Coach Paul to provide you with a tailored program and reach your personal goals.

Majed – Dubai

Since 2009 cycling was just a hobby for me, until I decided to follow a specific training program mid of 2016 and since that its part of my life, kind of am addicted to it. As soon you build some strength in cycling, you will start enjoying it and always you aim for improvements. Having a coach is going to help you to improve massively in cycling, especially if you are following the training program. Thanks Paul for your time and advice given to me.