How regular caffeine use limits athletic performance

When it comes to caffeine it’s a drug that you should be careful with. Pro cyclists love to hit the coffee shops but they are actually doing more harm than good. I want you to imagine a scenario where you are in nature and you come across a pack of hyenas. Your natural flight, fight, fright response kicks in and you are most likely to get your ass out of there as soon as you see them. Your adrenal glands release adrenaline and it enables you to be faster, stronger and sharper.Continue Reading

The voice in your head that must be ignored

One of my subscribers on Youtube suggested to make a blog post about fighting the voice in your head. I understand where that person is coming from but I wanted to change the title to something a little more accurate. When you get that inevitable voice in your head that tells you to quit because you are going too hard you don’t need to fight it but simply ignore it. Don’t let the devil on your shoulder tempt you into cruising home to chill on the sofa.Continue Reading

How to be a better climber

The rider in the featured image of this article is Louis Meintjes. He’s not the most well known rider in the pro peloton but his story is rather remarkable. A few years ago I used to race with Louis before his international pro days and I could see then that he was an outstanding climber. I would say that he is the best cyclist that has come from South Africa with Daryl Impey being a close second. I chose this image because it looks extreme. Climbing fast is an extreme activity after all so I wanted to use an image that captures the extreme effort required.Continue Reading

2 ways to get super fit without intervals

Interval training is something that I’ve incorporated in my training since I started racing back in 2007. No one enjoys doing them but everyone enjoys the results that you get from doing them. If you are hurting on the bike and you feel like quitting then you know that you are doing those intervals right. Is there an alternative to interval training though? What if you want something more stimulating than doing 8 x 4-minute intervals in a 2 hour training session?Continue Reading