Lean for life

So you want to be lean for life? Do you want to have the energy to turn exercise into play? Do you want to have motivation to get things done that are actually taking you closer to your goals? Do you want to feel fantastic without having to take any drugs like caffeine? The solution is really simple and you will save an incredible amount of money now that you won’t be visiting the doctor anymore.

So what is the answer to single digit body fat and optimal performance in life? People always ridicule me when I tell them how easy it is. “You’re just skinny because you train a lot.” “Protein though.” “That’s too much sugar.” “That’s too much food.” “Calcium, zinc, iron, B12, amino acids, enzymes, folic acid deficiency.” and every other deficiency you can think of… “Too much potassium though.” You get it, all manner of nonsense is spewed but I don’t take it to heart. I understand that people have been programmed by corporations and mass media to repeat what they think they know and I just have a laugh about it in my mind.Continue Reading


100$ may sound like a tight budget for a month and you may be wondering how the hell you are going to eat healthy and tasty food on such a small amount of cash. It’s actually very easy and simple in terms of food choice. The types of food you will be buying will not only keep you healthy and taste good, but will also help you trim down that waistline as an added bonus. It really is win-win aka winfinity.

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How to fuel yourself properly as a vegan athlete

Over the years of riding I have experimented with many different approaches to nutrition. I have tried counting calories, higher protein, higher fat and all kinds of different macronutrient ratios. When I went vegan back in March 2011, I didn’t track my calories or ratios. I just ate what I felt like eating. As I became more educated on what works for athletic performance on vegan diet through resources such as web articles and Youtube, I used a program called Cronometer to track calories and macros to be objective about what I was doing.Continue Reading