How to train without a power meter

Power meters are still relatively new tools as far as cycling is concerned. I remember even a decade ago that not many people used them in the bunch but in 2018 they are far more common than ever before. So you may be wondering why would you be without a power meter in the first place? Well firstly they are still quite pricey and secondly people still enjoy riding old school without numbers, I get that. Continue Reading

Base training is a waste of time

I’ve been riding my bike for over 13 years now and I’ve worked out that I’ve done at least 260 000 kilometers or 20 000 kilometers per year on average. In that time I’ve worked with several cycling coaches and tried many different training approaches for myself. In my racing days it was always traditional to take a month off from the bike and do 4 to 6 weeks of base training or aerobic foundation work after the racing season.Continue Reading

You can push harder than you think you can and you must

When it comes to pushing yourself on the bike you can push a lot harder than you think you can. It is incredibly satisfying  when you’ve finished a race or a workout and you know that you gave it absolutely everything. This requires the mindset of  a fighter. You have to ride like a man posessed. A man possessed by passion, obsession and an unrelenting desire to push yourself to the absolute limit. You must unleash your killer instinct.Continue Reading