Hi there; my name is Paul van Zweel and I created this site because I am obsessed about helping people to help themselves get healthy and fit while at the same time saving the animals and the planet. I use the word obsessed instead of passionate because passion is for the bedroom whilst obsession is for mission and purpose in life!

I started cycling back in May 2006 and racing as a Junior at the start of 2007. I have been riding consistently since then averaging around 20 000 Km on the bike a year. I became vegan back in March of 2011 for ethical reasons. I believe animals don’t need to suffer and die for us to enjoy a meal. It turns out that you can be at the top of your game as a vegan and you can be extremely healthy too.

I have been coaching novice to elite level athletes from around the globe since October 2014 and it has been fulfilling to see people reach their training and racing goals. I taught myself how to train effectively through the coaches that I had in the past, hours and hours of reading up on training for cycling, and years of trial and error.

Some of my best results are South African junior time trial champion, 5th on GC in a UCI 2.2 tour (Mzansi 2013) and 8th in the 2016 national elite road championships. I have always been a natural athlete unless you consider coffee a drug. Here are my best numbers :

Peak 5 second W/Kg = 17

Peak 1 minute W/Kg = 10.3

Peak 5 minute W/Kg = 6.8

Peak 20 minute W/Kg = 5.7

Peak 60 minute W/Kg = 5.3

Peak 4 hour W/Kg = 4.4

Longest Ride 503 Km

My intention with this website is to get the important information out there that no one talks about! I want to pay forward what I have learned and what I continue to learn. I will be writing about a wide variety of topics on this blog even though it is centered around vegan cycling.  After all, there is so much more to life than just veganism and cycling.