What do men want in women?

What do men want in women?

When you ask a man what he wants in a woman he will most likely say that she has to be a looker. Men are visual creatures and value beauty highly even if they deny it. This is because we are designed to spread our seed and we will naturally seek out the most attractive partners. What one man finds attractive another man might find average or even unappealing. After the novelty of casual sex is over, a man will want something more if you want to stay in his life. That is of course if he is a high quality man that values himself.

When you go deeper and look beyond physical beauty you will find that men want a woman who shares the same values as they do. This is what forges the foundation of a lasting relationship. Things in common make a relationship last where as the differences ignite passion. I’m not talking differences in values but rather differences in culture, accent, complexion, natural essence (masculine and feminine energy) and things like that.

The sad reality is that most men in our society today don’t make a list of what they want in a lady and as a result end up with someone that doesn’t fulfill their needs. The same is true for women. When we don’t make a list of the qualities that we want in a partner then we will get whatever comes our way. If we want an awesome partner though it is paramount that we must be awesome too. You have to become what you want to attract and if you aren’t that yet then aspire to become that person.

Here is a list of the universal qualities that men will find attractive in women:


A woman who knows what she wants and why she wants it will always be more attractive than a woman who can’t get her shit together in life. This is attractive because it makes her come alive and is reflected in the way she interacts with you and the people around her. Someone who is excited about their mission or purpose in life is naturally going to be more fun to be around than a person that hates their job and it’s all they can talk about.


Life is always more fun when we laugh together. If a woman doesn’t make you laugh or at the very least cannot appreciate your sense of humor then things just won’t work out.


A woman who values what she has to offer to the world and a potential lover will exude confidence and to any man that is fucking sexy. Confidence comes from being competent. Being competent comes from interacting with men over and over in a romantic context or even just gin a general context. Basically repetition is the mother of skill.


We all just love to be around that person that emanates energy and presence. To me vitality is life force. If someone doesn’t have vitality then they are dead. Who wants to fuck a corpse? Okay, I’m assuming you’re not a necrophiliac.


Any self respecting man is not going to want to sleep with one eye open wondering who his gal might fuck tonight. Even the best of relationships can have the occasional bump in the road but a loyal woman will communicate with her man what her needs are instead of cheating on him.


People that lie to each other or omit certain parts of their life that they feel uncomfortable talking about will eventually erode any relationship, not just a romantic one. The key here is to create an environment where partners can be honest without being punished for it. Punishing someone for sharing the truth will only encourage a clandestine relationship.


This is a more advanced quality that comes with time but is absolutely essential to making a relationship stand the test of time. Couples who have had a successful, happy and fulfilling relationship for decades have a fantastic sex life for sure but their level of communication is adept. The quality of your life is the quality of your communication.

There are many more qualities that I can go into but these I feel are the key ones to making a relationship work. The truth is that not a lot of women out there have all of these qualities simultaneously but those that do will surely make an impression on a high quality man. It all comes down to working on yourself and becoming that great person you are meant to be.

A relationship is never a waste of time. If it didn’t bring you what you wanted, at least it taught you what you need.

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