Censorship is not bliss

Censorship is not bliss

I was 8 years old and a curious child who happened to come across his dad’s porno stash in the office desk drawer. Back then internet porn was a scarce commodity so magazines and video tapes were the drug of choice. I was fascinated by all the beautiful women posing gracefully and embracing their sexuality. I had no idea what sex was or how it was done but was awe-struck by its mystery. As with most kids that discover their dad’s porno stash they are soon discovered and punished accordingly (belt connects multiple times with bottom and a crying young lad is sentenced to an hour or two in his room).

Looking back at all the things I wasn’t supposed to see as a kid but saw anyway (I saw it all), I can say with certainty that it did not scar me in any way but actually prepared me for the real world. If I had been a “good boy” growing up there’s no way I would have the understanding of life that I do today. Death, destruction, violence, rape, slavery and general inhumanity are harsh realities that we all need to come to terms with sooner rather than later and censorship of this reality is creating a fantasy world where ignorance allows evil to thrive.

I was 16 when I saw Earthlings (Google it) for the first time and even though I was shocked and even angry at what humanity does to animals I still returned to eating them only two weeks later due to my family convincing me it’s “not that bad”. Seeing the truth was liberating as it gave me new perspective on life. If I hadn’t seen that documentary there would have been no critical thinking on my part and therefore no change, even if it was only for two weeks. Due to the limiting beliefs of my family which they acquired as a result of censorship and me being easily influenced, I reverted back to apathy. It was only a few years later that I watched the documentary again and went vegan with conviction.

Without censorship the world would be a much better place. The reason for this is that when humanity can see the blatant evil then humanity is empowered to do something about it. The elite 1% of the world would rather have censorship in the form of mass media indoctrination. The masses cannot know the truth because the elite will no longer have power over them.

We all need to see the barbarism that occurs inside of a slaughterhouse, the families torn apart by war, the suffering that starving children endure because of all the grain being fed to livestock, the sex slave trade, the trillions of decimated marine life because fish “tastes good”, the millions of trees being cut down to raise more livestock. You get my point, the atrocities are boundless. We cannot take care of the proverbial elephant in the living room if we are unable to see it.

The reality of the world is that profit comes before people and unless we change it to people before profit there will always be censorship. Censorship is the equivalent of lying. Good people do bad things every day because they believe bad things are good and good things are bad. Deep down their gut tells them a different story though. By abolishing censorship we can all be free and in so doing we can abolish evil. Racism, sexism, antisemitism, speciesism and other forms of discrimination have all been reduced or almost eliminated due to people taking a stand against these atrocities and bringing the truth into the spotlight.

“Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.” – Laurie Halse Anderson

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