Lean for life

So you want to be lean for life? Do you want to have the energy to turn exercise into play? Do you want to have motivation to get things done that are actually taking you closer to your goals? Do you want to feel fantastic without having to take any drugs like caffeine? The solution is really simple and you will save an incredible amount of money now that you won’t be visiting the doctor anymore.

So what is the answer to single digit body fat and optimal performance in life? People always ridicule me when I tell them how easy it is. “You’re just skinny because you train a lot.” “Protein though.” “That’s too much sugar.” “That’s too much food.” “Calcium, zinc, iron, B12, amino acids, enzymes, folic acid deficiency.” and every other deficiency you can think of… “Too much potassium though.” You get it, all manner of nonsense is spewed but I don’t take it to heart. I understand that people have been programmed by corporations and mass media to repeat what they think they know and I just have a laugh about it in my mind.Continue Reading

What do women want?

There is this erroneous belief in society that we cannot understand women. We must simply accept that there is no logical explanation for why they react the way they do. Notice that I put the word logical in bold. This emphasizes that logical is the key word when it comes to understanding women. Women do not operate with logic but rather emotion. They have an emotional operating system as opposed to men having a logical one.

You may be thinking what do I mean by this. Let’s use the example of Jack and Jill. Jill loves Jack because he understands what Jill responds to. He understands that feminine energy is emotional and therefore he interacts with her on an emotional level. He understands that if he wants to keep her attracted to him he must be charming and playful with his interactions with her. This is because she will associate these positive emotions of laughter, merriment and comfort with being with him. ¬†Conversely if he keeps his interactions with her serious, structured and void of any humor she will also associate the emotions she feels from these interactions with being in his presence. Guess what, she won’t want to fuck him and will friend zone his ass.Continue Reading