10 reasons to live car free

Freedom has always been my highest value and I truly started living in alignment with that value since going vegan back in 2011. I’d say going vegan and getting a vasectomy last year was the greatest form of liberation next to going car free 2 years ago. Just to clarify, when I say car free I mean that I don’t own a car but that doesn’t mean that I never get into one on occasion. Sometimes I do it in South Africa to get to or from the airport because doing it otherwise is close to a suicide attempt.Continue Reading

How to train without a power meter

Power meters are still relatively new tools as far as cycling is concerned. I remember even a decade ago that not many people used them in the bunch but in 2018 they are far more common than ever before. So you may be wondering why would you be without a power meter in the first place? Well firstly they are still quite pricey and secondly people still enjoy riding old school without numbers, I get that. Continue Reading

Base training is a waste of time

I’ve been riding my bike for over 13 years now and I’ve worked out that I’ve done at least 260 000 kilometers or 20 000 kilometers per year on average. In that time I’ve worked with several cycling coaches and tried many different training approaches for myself. In my racing days it was always traditional to take a month off from the bike and do 4 to 6 weeks of base training or aerobic foundation work after the racing season.Continue Reading

10 Tips for rapid recovery from arduous riding

We’ve all had those rides where we just feel absolutely fucked afterwards. I’m talking about getting home and falling asleep in full cycling kit, helmet and shoes included.

So how do you recover from such an onerous ride? Even better how do you recover as fast as possible so you can do it again tomorrow?

Here are my top 10 tips for rapid recovery from arduous training and racing:Continue Reading