8 things I learned from being vegan for 8 years

It all started back in March 2011 when I decided to watch Earthlings after my mate recommended it. He was vegetarian at the time but ironically he went back to eating corpse and I embraced the vegan lifestyle. I decided to be vegetarian for 2 weeks after watching Earthlings and then one morning it just came to me out of the ether, I felt an urge to go all the way. I realized that half-assing is no way to live. You either do something properly or don’t do it at all.Continue Reading

What do you need to take on a ride?

Yeah, that’s me on a 500 km ride back in mid 2017, and yeah I don’t have a bike bag, and yeah I didn’t care that my back got tired from the weight. One of my Youtube viewers wanted a blog post about what to take with on a ride so here it is. The general rule of thumb is, the more epic your bike ride, the more you are probably going to need to take with. If I’m going on a 10 000 km cross-continental trip then I’m probably going to need a spare rear deraileur hangar bracket.Continue Reading

How regular caffeine use limits athletic performance

When it comes to caffeine it’s a drug that you should be careful with. Pro cyclists love to hit the coffee shops but they are actually doing more harm than good. I want you to imagine a scenario where you are in nature and you come across a pack of hyenas. Your natural flight, fight, fright response kicks in and you are most likely to get your ass out of there as soon as you see them. Your adrenal glands release adrenaline and it enables you to be faster, stronger and sharper.Continue Reading

A friend or a user?

In case you are wondering who that intense character is in the picture, it’s my friend Shaun. He gets pissed off when I call him my friend. He’ll respond with “I’m not your fucking friend, I’m your brother”. He’s not really pissed off but it’s one of those jokes that come across as dead serious but it’s actually not actually meant to be serious. Shaun aka “Wardster” has indeed become like an older brother to me. I admire his indomitable will to conquer any and all challenges or adversity that comes his way. Continue Reading