10 Tips for rapid recovery from arduous riding

We’ve all had those rides where we just feel absolutely fucked afterwards. I’m talking about getting home and falling asleep in full cycling kit, helmet and shoes included.

So how do you recover from such an onerous ride? Even better how do you recover as fast as possible so you can do it again tomorrow?

Here are my top 10 tips for rapid recovery from arduous training and racing:Continue Reading

How I get extremely fit in 4 weeks

So what template do I follow to get pro level fitness, why do I follow this template and what inspires me to keep going on days where I’d rather not roll out of bed?

I begin by setting specific goals for myself that I know I can achieve yet will still get me out of my comfort zone. I like to be specific because it allows my RAS (Reticular Activating System) to zone in on that with laser focus and as such maximizes my potential of achieving the goals.Continue Reading

Should you go cycling with your earphones?

This is a quick article on riding with earphones and if you should do it. The most important thing on the bike is your vision and not being able to hear what is around you is not going to make a considerable difference to your safety.Continue Reading

You can push harder than you think you can and you must

When it comes to pushing yourself on the bike you can push a lot harder than you think you can. It is incredibly satisfying  when you’ve finished a race or a workout and you know that you gave it absolutely everything. This requires the mindset of  a fighter. You have to ride like a man posessed. A man possessed by passion, obsession and an unrelenting desire to push yourself to the absolute limit. You must unleash your killer instinct.Continue Reading

How I live like a king on 400 dollars a month

What does it mean to live like a king? When you ask people that question they will talk about living a lavish lifestyle, having an army of servants at your beck and call, ruling over others, possessing more riches than you know what to do with, coronation and thrones.

To me that is living a lie. That isn’t living like a king. That’s living like a fucking slave. You’re living like a slave to the money, the power and the material shit that you own. Not to mention most kings are so self absorbed with their own desires that they don’t actually serve people but tax the fuck out of them, and I’m not just talking financially. The king is a slave as he enslaves those who are under his rule. No one is free. Everyone pays the price of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical imprisonment.Continue Reading