The truth about dairy

Like many of us growing up I had no idea about the truth of dairy. I had been conditioned to believe that it is normal, natural and healthy to drink milk. As infants we are indoctrinated by our family, friends, society and the mainstream media into believing that animal products are essential for our well being. Fortunately many people are waking up and have started fighting back against this insanity by protesting, creating media content and simply voting with their dollar.Continue Reading

My thoughts on the South African National Road Championships 2019

I feel compelled to write about the SA national road champs that concluded yesterday with the elite race. The reason I feel especially compelled is because it took place in Pretoria, my home town. The route was basically 10 km laps around the Union Buildings with 2 ascents of the famous Tom Jenkins climb in the final two laps. The distance was 162 km with 1800 meters of climbing.Continue Reading

10 goals I must do my best to achieve in 2019

I don’t believe in hoping that life will turn out a certain way. I believe in taking action to MAKEĀ your life the way you want it. Most of us are fortunate enough to live in a world today where we have the freedom to decide the outcomes of our lives. Most of us aren’t actual slaves even though some of us start with far less favorable conditions than others.Continue Reading